If only. Shine on, O children of space racoons.
We are all searching
for someone whose demons
play well with ours.
Meghan  (via uoa)

If you respect a woman less because you’ve seen her naked or were lucky enough to have sex with her, you deseve to tread on only lego for the rest of your stupid life.

I pissed off some teen age kid at a table I was serving. Me: I'm sorry, I'll be back with the right plate
Him: whatever
*as I turn to walk away*
Him: *talking to his friends* he's probably a homo, he's too distraught.
*i turn back to the table*
Me: you know, you shouldn't talk about the dude who's about to serve your food, right beside him. Also, learn the definition of homo, it's a root word that means, "man" in which yes I am a man, more of one than you will ever dream to be. So if you're intentions were referring to me being a homoSEXUAL as in MAN-sexual, which I am, then use a correct form of it. Now, sit there little boy, while this gay man goes to get your food for you.
*i leave and come back*
Me: here's your AIDs stuffed burrito you ordered.
His friends tipped me $20


Hedy Lamarr. Actress. Mathematically talented, Lamarr also co-invented with composer George Antheilan early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping, necessary for wireless communication from the pre-computer age to the present day.

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